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The Annual John Ford Ireland Film Symposium took place on 6 - 8 June 2014 in Dublin)

The John Ford Ireland Film Symposium has a focus on contemporary filmmaking, inspired and informed by the timeless work of legendary Irish-American director John Ford, one of the world’s most respected and influential filmmakers.  The Symposium is a unique gathering of contemporary filmmakers, film fans and film historians films reflecting on the craft and influence of this Irish American who continues to inspire and influence people, and resonate with audiences of all ages throughout the world. This is a unique event of vibrant discussion, fresh understanding and learning from Ford’s mastering of the artform, with special Screenings, Discussions, Masterclasses, Lectures, workshops, Music and Song.

Symposium Schedule 2014


Day By Day listing of all events taking place over the weekend of the John Ford Ireland Symposium 2014. 


Opening Night - Celebrate Ford's Golden Year 1939

Savoy, Friday June 6th, 7.00pm

The Symposium Opening Night celebrates the 75th anniversary of Ford’s Golden Year of 1939 at Dublin’s historic SAVOY Cinema with a Discussion and Presentation reflecting on this monumental time in Hollywood, followed by the Screening of the classic Western from that year, Stagecoach, starring the indomitable John Wayne.



Stagecoach - 75th Anniversary Screening

This opening night celebrates 75th Anniversary Screening of the Academy Award winning Stagecoach, Ford’s first film at his lifelong location of Monument Valley and the film which launched the forty-year collaborative relationship between John Ford and John WayneStagecoach has been called a “perfect film” by director Orson Welles, who watched it forty times while making his own classic Citizen Kane.



In Conversation with Scott Eyman

Gresham Hotel, Saturday June 7th, 4pm

The Symposium welcomes renowned US Author and Biographer Scott Eyman, following the release of his recent  highly acclaimed biography John Wayne The Life and Legend .  Eyman will discuss Wayne’s collaboration and unique relationship with John Ford.  Peter Bogdanovich, a previous guest of the Symposium,  called the book in the New York Times review "an insider’s journey...authoritative and enormously engaging”.  In his acclaimed biography, John Ford Print the Legend, Eyman describes Ford as “America’s tribal poet”.on Ford.


FORD at WAR - at the National Museum of Ireland 

Collins Barracks, National Museum of Ireland, Sunday June 8th, from 11am-5pm

To honour the illustrious and courageous work of Ford at War, John Ford Ireland – in conjunction with The National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks - is hosting a FORD at WAR Day on Sunday June 8. A Special Lecture, Discussion, Screening of Ford’s Oscar-Winning Documentary, The Battle of Midway and Ford footage of the D Day landings; Experience first-hand the Interactive, Educational and Entertaining open-air display of re-enacting soldiers as WWII troops (US/British/French/German), see the Weapons, Uniforms and Photographic exhibition; Tours of the Museum’s Soldiers and Chiefs exhibition and much more.

Dan Ford - on Ford

Sunday June 8th, 11am
This is part of the FORD at WAR event in Collins Barracks National Museum of Ireland.

Dan Ford will provide a symbolic introduction to the Third Symposium honouring his grandfather’s legacy. Dan sits on the John Ford Ireland Committee, and is a Production Manager/Producer who has been active in the entertainment industry for twenty-five years. In his book 'Pappy, The Life of John Ford'. Dan draws on the director's personal archives and on reminiscences from his family and friends—including John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda —to produce the most complete and honest portrait ever written on Ford


Masterclass with Director Ben Wheatley supported by Screen Training Ireland

Award winning director and screenwriter Ben Wheatley has cemented his reputation as one of the most interesting filmmakers with his diverse and unorthodox style. Wheatley has directed some of the most acclaimed UK films of recent years including Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers and A Field in England. Later this summer, he will commence shooting his new film High Rise, which will star Tom Hiddleston in Northern Ireland and adapted from cult novelist JG Ballard’s 1975 book. Wheatley has described John Ford as a “brilliant filmmaker”.

The Masterclass is supported by Screen Training Ireland


FORD Directors Hub in association with the Irish Film Board

Gresham Hotel, Saturday June 7, 12noon

The Ford Director's Hub brings together a unique panel of diverse filmmakers who will discuss the ‘job of work’ of Directing and examine some of Ford's incredible masterpieces which are still a strong influence on modern-day filmmakers. Lively discussion, debate and insight into Ford's unique skill and legacy. Guest Speakers include Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Whit Stillman (Metropolitan), acclaimed UK director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers), IFTA nominated Kieron J. Walsh (When Brendan Met Trudy, Jump) and Vikings director Ken Girotti. Award-winning Irish Drector Neasa Hardiman will chair this Discussion.


FORD Producers Hub in association with the Irish Film Board

Gresham Hotel, Saturday June 7, 2pm

Key industry figures from across both the UK and Ireland will participate at this Ford Producer’s Panel, focusing on the challenges of making independent films in both the UK and Ireland, and getting them out to the wider international market. Panellists include Alan Moloney (Byzantium, Albert Nobbs), Sue Bruce Smith (12 Years a Slave), Laura Hastings Smith (Hunger), James Flynn (Calvary, Penny Dreadful) and Andrew Reid (Northern Ireland Screen). The Panel will be chaired by David Collins.


Adapted By John Ford - Academic Panel

Gresham Hotel, Saturday June 7th, 9.00am

Few filmmakers adapted from the written word as elegantly or as effectively as John Ford and his collaborators. Ford’s classic films The Informer, Stagecocach, The Grapes of Wrath, The Quiet Man, and The Searchers are some of the most successful film adaptations of all time. This Panel discussion will open the book on Ford’s use of adaptation, and also consider Ford’s legacy, and how many of leading figures of the New Hollywood film movement from Scorsese to  Spielberg borrowed heavily from Ford.  We welcome international experts including Charles Barr, Liam Burke, Ian Hunter and Tony Tracy.


Edward Buscombe, Ford & The Western

Gresham Hotel, Saturday June 7th, 11.00am

Edward Buscombe (Former Head of Publications at BFI) will give a presentation on the Western and Stagecoach (1939) celebrating it’s 75th anniversary this year, widely recognised as establishing the Western as a serious genre, after years of being dismissed as B-movie material. The film, directed by Ford, stars John Wayne in his breakthrough role, and is the first of many Westerns that Ford shot in Monument Valley. 


Screening - They Were Expendable

Savoy, Sunday June 8th, 6pm

Closing the 2014 Symposium and part of this year's theme of Ford at War, They Were Expendable is Ford's personal tribute to the United States Navy, in which he served during WWII. The film, which stars John Wayne and Robert Mountgomery, has been called 'Ford's greatest work' by acclaimed director and Ford authority Lindsay Anderson, describing Joseph's August's cinematography and the film as 'a heroic poem'. Ford's on screen directing credit reads' Directed by John Ford, Captain U.S.N.R.


The Quiet Man - FREE Outdoor Screening

Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Saturday June 7th, 10.30pm

Enjoy one of John Ford’s most beloved and personal films, The Quiet Man at this FREE night-time open air screening in Temple Bar.  A true screen classic, The Quiet Man stars the unforgettable pairing of John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara shot against the lush, wistful backdrop of the Irish countryside of Mayo. The film won two Academy Awards, for Ford’s direction and the film’s technicolor cinematography and has just recently been selected for preservation by the US Library of Congress as being “historically and culturally significant”.


Screening - The Searchers

Savoy, Saturday June 7th, 8pm

Ford’s most influential film, a masterpiece of filmmaking and recently named as both the American Film Institute and Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Best Western Of All Time’, John Ford’s The Searchers’ finds John Wayne in the classic role of Ethan Edwards, a gun slinging Civil War vet on the trail of the Indian tribe who kidnapped his niece across Texas desert plains.  Shot against the majestic landscape of Ford’s favoured Monument Valley and filmed in glorious widescreen cinemascope.


Screening - My Darling Clementine

Savoy, Saturday June 7th, 6pm

My Darling Clementine (1946) is among Ford’s most memorable, perfect works; a perfect example of his extraordinary evocation of the American West, set in Tombstone, about Wyatt Earp and his brothers, a treacherous family of cattle thieves and Earp’s relationship with the tragic Doc Holliday – culminating in the famous O.K. Corral gunfight. The simplicity of the telling, the perfection of the construction and playing, the majesty of the photography and composition – all conspire to make it among Fords most classically beautiful achievements.