10 Greatest John Ford Films


John Ford – the legend who gave us the masterful style of western films that made us all fall in love with these films. A legend who didn’t only crafted a new style for his genre’ of films but also made a legend out of actors in the process. John Wayne would be a nobody and unknown artist if it hasn’t been for John Ford and spine-chilling approach towards these western classics.

Ford during his epic career span won 4 Oscars and numerous prestigious awards including a Directors Guild Award of America in 1954. John almost single-handedly developed one of the most famous movie genres’ and proved his skill not only in all formats but also on all categories of the cinematic direction.

  1. the-searchesThe Searchers – An epic tale of human will starts when a veteran soldier sets out, seeking to rescue his niece from the native American tribes after she is abducted.
  1. The Grapes of Wrath – An inspiring tale of a lower middle-class family that just migrated to California in the midst of Great Depression trying to make a living.
  1. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – A fugitive of a senator’s tale who returns home on a funeral to tell the tale that shook the country.
  1. Stagecoach – Geronimo is on the loose and a band traveling on the stagecoach makes the journey for their survival.
  1. When Willie Comes Marching – A lighter take by John that tells the tale of an expert marksman who enlisted to fight and ended up being an instructor.
  1. Fort Apache – At Fort Apache, a veteran warfighter stands up against the tyranny of a young colonel unleashed upon the Native American Tribesmen.
  1. The Sun Shines Bright – The threefold story is based on three different short stories merged together for this movie by John Ford. 
  1. How Green Was My Valley – A family drama that revolves around a typical Welsh family looking to give their children a better life.
  1. The Quiet Man – A romantic comedy that revolves around a veteran boxer who returns home to find love in his village. A remarkable tale of life and love.

1. The Informer – An Irish mole who betrays his friends only to find out that the hole is way